Rehabilitation Project


Priority – Priority 5 – “Development and promotion of tourism”

Area of ​​intervention - Key Area of ​​Intervention 5.1 ” Restoration and sustainable cultural heritage and setting up / modernization of related infrastructure “

Project title - ”Rehabilitation and tourist development of the historical monument Banu Church Iasi “

Beneficiary -Parohia ” All Saints Sunday ” – Banu Iasi

The overall objective - Develop cultural and religious tourism in the Northeast Region to stimulate sustainable economic development religious.

Impact indicators for the monitoring of fulfillment of the overall objective:

  • Increase by 1 counting restored heritage objectives Northeast Region by 2015;
  • Contribution of the project to increase cultural tourism – religious in North East Region with about 8451 tourists by 2015 , including;
  • Increase by at least one of the number of permanent jobs in North East Region 2015.

Specific objective – Restoration Church Historical monument Banu Iasi , in order to introduce its cultural and religious tourism circuit and the local tourism in the Iasi.

The project “Rehabilitation of the historical monument and tourist development Banu Iasi Church “ creates prerequisites for sustainable exploitation of cultural and religious patrimoniuliu with tourism potential of Iasi by increasing the number one targets urban heritage rehabilitated historic -monuments Banu Church Iasi.

Project results:

  • 924.20 sqm restored heritage objective;
  • 559.85 sqm landscaping;
  • 1,460 sqm landscaped areas protection
  • 1.560mp mural.
  • Equipping the building with 14 equipment purchased for the target of heritage protection:
  • 2 air-conditioning equipment;
  • 11 fire protection equipment;
  • 1 anti-theft system;
  • enhancement of the building:
  • Banu Church building will be illuminated by a special system architecture;
  • 559.85 sqm landscaping;
  • Build a esplanade allowing visitors access to the historic monument from Lapusneanu Street, one of the most important areas of the city promenade;
  • Create a pedestrian and decorative paving with access stairs;
  • Install a 9 poles, decorative lighting;
  • Installation of six rest benches;
  • Establishment of points of interest for tourists and parishioners in the church basement refunctionalisation respectively specific provision of furniture:
  • 1 parish library;
  • 1 exhibition where the value will be put into cult objects that make up the patrimony of the church;
  • Archeological highlight and properly marked.

The project has, through rehabilitation and valorization an essential contribution to the best tourist potential of the historical monument Banu Church.

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